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6 Tips to Stay Productive During a Long International Flight

November 26 2018

Get more done by planning and executing better while on an international flight

The world has indeed become a smaller place due to international air travel. If you fly frequently, especially on business trips, you can put your time to good use thinking about and planning for presentations or conferences en route to your destination.

While you may be convinced that time does indeed equal money, you may find yourself struggling to deliver when it matters most. Putting in extra hours is often taxing on your family life and causes work related stress. So, how do you ensure optimum productivity that lets you do justice to both these areas of your life?

Frequent flyers are exposed to a lot of risks and therefore it is necessary that they insure their trip with a travel insurance policy to take care of any contingency, which may arise. Here are some of our best tips on getting the most out of your long international flight.

Renew Your Energy with a Power Nap

A long international flight can help you catch up on some much-needed sleep. If you have a layover between two flights, you can still squeeze in a short nap. This can greatly improve your mental performance as well as your mood in general.

Most business executives spend anywhere between 12-16 hours a day at work. Research shows that sleep deprivation is one of the most common reasons for stress and burnout. It also contributes to poor long-term health. So, do some light stretches, listen to some relaxing music and get some well-deserved rest on your long international flight.

Listen to Inspirational or Educational Audio

Audiobooks, webinars and podcasts offer a wealth of information that can help you improve your marketing, sales or business strategy. If you are currently considering a new project, listening to an audio-visual webinar on the subject can help you determine whether it will be a worthwhile proposition for you.

Ongoing learning and development is often key to help you learn skills. Audiobooks are a great way to absorb new information. Inspirational audio content can help you manage stress, build better relationships and lead your team more effectively. Listening to audiobooks at 2X speed will let you absorb more information during your long international flight.

Master Your Inbox

Sending or reading emails while at work is one of the biggest killers of productivity. As a business leader, you may need to communicate with colleagues across the world. Reading emails intermittently throughout the day can dissipate your focus and lead to decision fatigue. This can lead to important tasks not getting the attention they deserve.

Over a period of time, your productivity drops significantly and affects the performance of your team as well. Use your long international flight time to respond to email messages. This can let you focus more on your own top priorities rather than get side-tracked by those of others.

Plan Your Most Important Tasks for the Week

Spend a few minutes aligning your to-dos with the most important business outcomes. It lets you stay ahead of the curve. Business meetings planned in advance tend to be more productive as meaningful decisions are more likely to be taken.

By using your long international flight time to plan your week, you will be better able to deal with contingencies and make more time for personal interests and family.

Engage In a Conversation

A stimulating conversation with your co-passengers can give you fresh insights into how other industries or businesses are performing. It can help you identify new opportunities, avoid pitfalls and get leads or referrals. When you arrive at your destination, you may be able to get advice on new places to visit.

Stay Focused and Eat Well

It is important to keep your concentration and focus in order to get good work done. It is important not to consume any alcohol or adult beverage on the long international flight, as it leads to dehydration and loss of focus. Drinking water and even some coffee can help you maintain focus and accomplish work that’s important.

Airline food is not known for quality and is usually loaded with carbohydrates. It is better to carry protein bars and snacks for consumption in-flight, along with some nuts and sandwiches.

Being at your productive best requires taking good care of your overall health. Travel insurance is also recommended if you travel constantly. Compare and choose from the many different offerings available for international travel insurance online. From protecting your baggage to losing your passport, travel insurance can give you cover against a number of unpleasant surprises, in a distant foreign country.

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