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Tips to Plan the Perfect International Trip

August 06 2019

Knowing the season, checking ticket prices on airlines’ websites, booking rented apartments and availing travel insurance are a few effective tips for planning an international vacation

international trip

Travelling is not seen as a luxury anymore, but a way of life. Along with domestic holidays, Indians are happily undertaking international trips and expected to account for 50 million [1] outbound tourists by 2020, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

While every trip brings a sense a joy, an international vacation pumps up the adrenaline a little more. After all, it gives you a chance to meet people from different cultures, know them and understand their way of life.

9 secrets

To ensure a perfect trip, here are some effective tips that you can abide by:

1.Know the season

While most travellers watch out for airfares and hotel accommodation costs, they tend to give the ‘season’ a miss. However, note that travelling in peak seasons can increase your expenses manifold.

This is because during peak seasons, every cost -- from fares to accommodation and food -- jumps up by several notches, owing to an increased demand from tourists. Hence, it’s essential to know about the season you are travelling in, and consider an off-season to avoid the rush and higher expenses.

2.Check prices of flight tickets on airlines’ websites

Thanks to the availability of travel aggregators, you can compare ticket prices of several flights and avail the cheapest one. However, it’s advisable to check out the prices on websites of individual airlines too. That’s because sometimes, tickets available on airlines’ websites tend to be cheaper than those on aggregator portals.

On several occasions (festivals, for instance), tickets on airlines’ websites are cheaper than those offered by travel aggregators. Booking them can help you save a considerable amount.

3.Look for serviced apartments

While hotels are usually the first choice for travellers, serviced apartments can be a better alternative. In case you are looking to stay in a particular place for 4-5 days, it’s advisable to check out serviced rooms on offer.

Serviced apartments offer access to kitchen, laundry and every other facility you might need to make your stay comfortable. At the same time, they are relatively cheaper than hotels. Opting for such apartments can help you save on your travel budget to a great extent.

4.Use public transportation

Using public transportation during your trip serves twin benefits – it saves money and is safe. Also, instead of hiring private cars or taxis, find out if you can rent them as it is more economical.

If you hold a valid driving licence, see if you can drive the car to reach places of interest. Researching well on these aspects can help to really cut down on excess expenditure.

5.Plan ahead

Each international tourist destination offers a host of things to indulge in. For example, if you are visiting Dubai, you can engage in several fun-filled outdoor activities, such as camel safari and sand boarding, among others. Additionally, it’s a must to visit the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, and the Dubai Mall.

Planning in advance can save you from last-minute hassles. Popular attractions are booked beforehand, and therefore, it’s important to get your tickets at the earliest. Several cities offer passes to popular tourist destinations. Availing them can help you visit the major attractions at a cost-effective price.

6.Gather necessary visa-related information

Visa is your ticket to a foreign land. Gather all the essential information regarding it beforehand. Today, all the relevant information is available on the embassy website of the country you are visiting.

Find out if your chosen destination has Visa on Arrival. If yes, know the documents you need to produce. Ensure your passport has enough pages for visa and other stamps. Also, check out the validity of your visa to make sure you don’t overstay.

7.Get a local SIM card, if possible

To remain connected with your near and dear ones, get a local SIM card. Today, most telecom operators provide international services. Check out if your service provider has substantial presence in the country you are visiting. If yes, probe into the rates and international roaming facility.

If not, get the local number of your destination. Make sure your phone remains charged fully at all times. Also, get an international travel plug adapter so that you can charge your phone and other gadgets whenever required.

8.Carry plastic money

It is advisable to carry plastic money over cash, simply because of the convenience factor. Consider a debit/credit card that neither charges a currency conversion fee nor international ATM -withdrawal fees.

At the same time, use the reward points offered by credit cards to get discounts on flight tickets. Inform your bank not to lock your card, in case of international transactions. Availing a prepaid travel card can be of great help while travelling abroad.

9.Avail travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute necessity while travelling overseas. It offers a financial cushion in case of contingencies such as loss of baggage, essential documents, missed or delayed flights, medical emergencies and much more.

Choose an insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage. Compare quotes online, read the policy terms and conditions, and pick the one that best fits your requirements.

Keeping these things in mind can make your international trip memorable for years to come.

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