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Biker Trips Coming Up This Year

January 03 2018
Biker Trips

Exploring the world and inner-self safely

When we get on a bike for an expedition, we set out to explore the beauty of nature and the variety of culture. Bike trips are a way of leaving the day-to-day worries behind and enjoying the freedom that only an open road can offer. Here are some of the bike trips coming up this year that any bike enthusiast will be excited about. But first, let us start with why these rides should be undertaken.

The Experience

A biker meets people from diverse complexities, cultures, and backgrounds and in retrospect; he examines his own philosophies and values, which may help to improve himself as a person, with varied experience and capabilities. The core aim of these trips is the search for excitement, thrill, and joy, but it’s equally important to be protected during such rides.

Events and Routes

Famed motorcycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield, is organizing a ride called “Unroad Karnataka 2018”. This ride is meant to relive the spirit of pure motorcycling. This will be more off the road than on it. The ride will start on February 21st from Chikmagalur and after 3 days of riding through the technically challenging foothills of the Mullayanagiri range in the Western Ghats, will conclude on February 25th after traversing 175 kms of uncharted highlands, steep ascents and weaving twisties.

Ride of My life is organizing a motorcycle tour of majestic Rajasthan, which includes jungle safaris, visiting forts, palaces, and temples. The 12-days trip is scheduled to flag off from Jaipur, starting October 15th 2018

It is also offering a motorcycle tour to Sikkim in Eastern India. The tour includes a ride from Siliguri to Padamchen, which gives an opportunity to its riders to test their riding skills through large river basins, sandy plains and difficult terrains. The adventurous ride will start from 21st October 2018 from Siliguri.

Precautions to be Taken

Get your bike serviced at least a week in advance. It will give you ample time to test your machine before setting out on an expedition. Tyres and rims are instrumental in providing the necessary balance to your bike. Make sure that they are in good shape. Insist on genuine parts to avoid last minute fiasco while riding. It is highly unlikely to get genuine parts in remote areas.

Keep your motorcycle insurance documents with you in case of emergency. Necessary medical tests, fitness regime and healthy diet are recommended before and during the tour.

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