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Insurance Article

Biking Kit Essentials

November 02 2016
Biking Kit Essentials

Learn about your biking kit essentials

No matter which bike you ride, if you are starting to build your bike-gadget inventory, or already have a kit, here is a list of essentials you must check out:

Motorcycle Boots

It is imperative be sturdily protected to save your body parts, especially the feet. You cannot afford to ride a bike at a high speed wearing thin sports shoes. An ankle-length pair of leather boots is ideal to protect your feet in case of a mishap.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are essential to avoid loss of grip due to sweaty palms. Also, in case of a crash, we tend to reach hands first to protect ourselves. A sturdy pair of gloves are thus vital, to protect your hands and fingers.

Helmet Sound System

Over the years, the unavailability of a music system on a two-wheeler has been a disappointment to many. However, in the new generation helmets, you can find surround sound systems with internal batteries and Bluetooth connectivity. This way you stay protected and also make your ride more enjoyable.

Crash Bars

These are vital to keep the expensive parts of your bike from direct impact in case of a crash. Crash bars have multiple mounting points and can be fit into the bike at numerous places, for an even distribution of the crash force. In the event of an intense crash, if you protect only your engine and gas tank using crash bars, your bike can survive.

Alarm Disc Lock

Your bike is valuable to you and therefore, deserves anti-theft measures. In order to enhance the security of your bike, add an alarm disc lock to it. It is a combination of strong and unbreakable stainless steel, which triggers a high decibel alarm if tampered with.


During long distance travels, when you are unsure of routes and directions, a GPS can help you find your way. Mounting a GPS on your bike makes it more convenient for you to travel around without worrying about losing your way. Also, it can give you a digital indication of your speed, estimated arrival time and nearby gas stations or rest stops.

Digital Tyre Gauge

While you go on long rides, it is essential to keep a digital tyre gauge handy. With this gear, you can check the pressure scales and estimate tyre performance. Thus, you can avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere by tracking your tyre periodically.

Master Cylinder Brakes

Increase the efficiency of the braking system of your bike by installing a master cylinder brake forged with a piston. This offers an excellent braking feel and power, giving you a better control of your ride.


One of the essentials that is often ignored, is bike insurance. It not only protects you from third party loss, but also takes care of own damage loss and coverage for the pillion rider. A well planned personal accidental insurance can help you recover the extreme costs incurred in the event of a mishap and is as vital as any other protective gear you mount.

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