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Insurance Article

Drive safely on your bike with two wheeler insurance

June 06 2014
drive safely on your bike with two wheeler insurance

A third party liability vehicle insurance policy protects you from a financial shock in case your vehicle causes damage to a third party by accident. A two wheeler insurance policy covers protection from natural and man-made calamities. Bike insurance policy also comes with cashless features, which means you can get your vehicle repaired at any network garage without any upfront payments. Thus, a two wheeler insurance policy keeps you safe on the road.

When you ride off in the morning on your bike, you never know what lies on the way ahead. There is no way to predict the type of traffic you might have to face on the road. Thus, no matter how careful a rider you are, you have to careful about riders, drivers and external factors such as slippery and potholed roads.

Indian drivers face tough traffic and driving conditions, making Indian roads accident prone. Travelling in such traffic requires protection from uncertainties. Thus, it is advisable to stay safe on the roads by investing in vehicle insurance.

It is also important for riders to invest in two wheeler insurance because the level of safety on a bike is lower as compared to a car. Two wheelers are riskier because they leave the rider open and unprotected from any impact on the road, making financial protection from accident and injuries a necessity.

The basic form of a motor insurance policy, also known as third party liability cover is mandatory by law for all vehicles plying on the Indian roads. A third party liability will cover you in case of damage caused to another person or property. This way, a two wheeler insurance plan also protects you from a financial blow in case you accidentally cause damage to someone else on the road.

However, apart from the basic bike insurance, it is also important to look at other benefits. A comprehensive two wheeler insurance will protect against the damage to your bike from natural or man-made calamities. Natural calamities include fire, explosion, floods, earthquake, etc. Man-made calamities will cover incidents like burglary, theft, riot, strike, etc. These benefits are helpful for the damages beyond your control. It can be quite frustrating to have your new bike damaged because of a natural calamity that you can do absolutely nothing about. A two wheeler insurance plan protects you from such scenarios.

An insurance plan can also include a personal accident cover with which the rider is covered in case of an accident. You can opt for an optional passenger cover as well to cover your pillion rider.

Overall, a vehicle insurance policy protects you from a financial blow in case of a mishap. Bike insurance policies also comes with cashless repair facilities. This means, you can get your bike repaired at any of the network garages your insurance company has a tie-up with. These network of garages and workshops are where you can take your bike for repair without worrying about cash. Avail optional covers for electrical or non-electrical accessories, to have all-round protection etc. Therefore, a policy for your bike ensures safety for you as well as the machine.

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