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Essentials Of A Two Wheeler Riding Kit

February 20 2018
Essentials Of A Two Wheeler Riding Kit

Hitting the open road? Don’t forget to carry these along!

Riding is fun. That is the reason passionate bikers are looking to hop on and ride away towards the sunset, every chance they get. A lot has been said about the allure of long-distance rides and nearly all of them are true.

It is easy to skip preparations and just get on with the riding. But, as any experienced biker will tell you, preparation is of paramount importance to an enjoyable ride. Here, we discuss the must-haves that should accompany you on your trip.

Riding Gear

Proper preparation in this aspect will dictate the comfort and safety of your ride. A biker jacket with breathable liner, comfort-fit pants, knee guards, ankle boots and full-face helmet are necessary. Wearing these will ensure that you are safe from injury and weather elements too.

First-Aid Kit

Bikers often travel to isolated and remote places where help is not always at hand. If they were to sustain an injury in such places, then it would be very difficult to manage without the aid of a first-aid kit.

The presence of a medical kit can make a huge difference in this situation. Essential components of this kit should be a hand cleaner, adhesive sutures, sterile gauze pads, roll gauze, tweezers and antibiotic ointment packs.

Spare Parts

Motorcycle is a machine and can break down at any time. There are some parts on a motorbike that encounter problems more frequently than others do. Bulb, clutch cable, battery fuse, and a puncture repair kit, all take top priority. If you don’t know how to go about the repair, it will be helpful to join a crash course that teaches how to do basic fixes

Proper Documentation

It is not unusual for a long bike trip to traverse many states. Hence, travelling with the complete set of relevant bike papers is vital. Road authorities can pull up a biker and ask for paperwork. It is better to carry them, rather than shelling out a hefty fine.

Papers that need to be carried with the bike include insurance documents, bike registration papers and a paper containing important medical details on your person (this will enable others to render assistance in case of a mishap).

If all these are part of your riding kit, then your road trip is sure to go smoothly. To ensure further protection, it is better to insure your beloved two wheeler with a two-wheeler insurance plan. It comes with many features that takes away your worries, so that you can relax and enjoy your ride the way it is meant to be.

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