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How To Improve Your Riding Skills

February 07 2018
How To Improve Your Riding Skills

Learn to ride better with these tips!

Riders are always looking at ways to improve their riding skills. It doesn’t matter if he/she has been riding for decades or a few weeks, there is always something new waiting to be learnt. The roads can throw up nasty surprises if you are not alert or prepared. Therefore, we have come up with some tips, which, if followed, will ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride.

Adjust Speed Before A Corner

Entering a corner too fast can have disastrous consequences. Going fast into a corner, and then making quick adjustments to prevent yourself crashing is not an ideal situation one would want to be in. ‘Slow in, fast out’ is the right approach in these situations. Always approach the turn at a comfortable speed for a safe exit.

Increase Following Distance

For safe driving, it is necessary to correctly gauge the distance to the car in front. This is called following distance, and as a rule of thumb, a rider should ideally be two seconds behind the car in front. A good way to inculcate proper following distance in yourself is to make a fixed object as a reference point relative to the car in front.

A good following distance is very important as it gives you the much-needed time to react in emergency situations.

Brake Lighter And Longer

This is the secret to a smoother ride. Jumping on the brakes in a hurry can lead to serious stability issues, most of which can end in you getting thrown off the bike. Instead, when you want to slow down, start braking early and softly. This will give you more control and the bike will be easier to handle.

Avoid Target Fixation

What you see it what you hit, and this is precisely what target fixation is. Your motorcycle will go where your gaze is. If you are looking at an obstacle on the road, you are most likely to hit it. To take any curve like a pro, always look through the curve and not at the edge of the road.

To sharpen this sense, you can experiment using paper cups in a safe area. Try not to focus on the obstacle but a way around it, and your bike will seem to automatically follow your gaze.

The points mentioned below are some excellent tips that can make your riding not only safer, but smoother and more comfortable as well. Also, even the most skilled rider can sometimes lose control. Taking out two wheeler insurance is a great way of insuring yourself against financial liabilities in the unfortunate event of an accident.

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