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Things You Need to Have in Your Car

September 23 2018

Ensure readiness for your road trip by giving these things a place in your car

Automobiles are used not only for commuting, but for recreational purposes as well. Who among us doesn’t love a long drive to relieve the stresses of everyday life on an open, windy road? There are scores of people who swear by the calming effects of long drives and road trips.

Though they may be therapeutic in nature, there are also some inherent risks involved in travelling long distances in a car. There are various issues that one can face while on the road: health risks, car breakdowns, bad roads etc. There are several things that, if present in a car, can help you in times of emergency, be it on a road trip or your daily commute.

First Aid Kit

A must-have in every car. In fact, it is such a crucial item that mostly all car manufacturers provide a first-aid kit with the car. The provided kit is fairly equipped, but it is always better to customise it with medications that address any of the medical condition that you may have.

A typical first-aid kit will contain band aid, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, and antiseptic creams.

Tow Ropes

Breakdowns are a familiar ordeal that all car owners go through. Suffering a breakdown in the middle of an unfamiliar route is a nightmare scenario. In this situation, tow ropes can really come in handy and save the day. They allow you to hook your car to someone else’s car so that it may reach the nearest service point.

Jumper Cable

Jumper cables don’t cost much, but they can prove invaluable during your time of need. These cables can be plugged into the battery of another car in order to resuscitate your car’s dead battery. They also don’t take much space and are a much-needed accessory.

Spare Tyre

This one goes without saying. A spare tyre is something that you just can’t leave on a road trip without. A flat tyre can leave you stranded on your road trip and mess up your vacation plans. It is also noteworthy to remember that a spare tyre is also not of much use without a jack to lift your car up.

With these things present in your car, you’re well equipped to take on the uncertainties that a road trip poses. Get your car ready for the trip too with a motor insurance policy to car insurance policy and mitigate any financial risk that an unfortunate incident may cause.

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