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Cover Story

First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

ICICI Lombard – First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

May 2018

The British Standard Institution (BSI) has awarded a Certificate of Compliance to ICICI Lombard – the first Indian company to be certified with the ISO 31000:2018

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Featured Articles

Travelling To UAE? This Insurance Advisory is for You

February 24 2019

The Consulate General of India in Dubai has released a statement, advising all Indian nationals who are travelling to UAE to have adequate medical insurance.

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Read This if Your Vehicle Had Suffered Damage in The Aero India Parking Lot Fire

February 27 2019

You are liable to receive full reimbursement from the insurer for the damages to your car during the Aero India parking lot fire, if you have a comprehensive car insurance plan.

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ICICI Lombard Now Holds More Value for the Parent

March 07 2019

Since its listing in September 2017, market valuation of ICICI Lombard has registered a massive growth, which has made it more valuable to its parent company, ICICI Bank.

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Helmets Can Tackle Road Accidents Head On

November 02 2015

Wearing a helmet while riding a two wheeler is considered one of the most effective road safety mechanisms. However, despite imposing it as a law in many Indian states, and enforcing penalties on such drivers, the country continues to witness several such cases daily.

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Storm Thickens Around the Volkswagen Emission Fraud

October 28 2015

The storm gathering around Volkswagen (VW) over the emissions from its rigged diesel cars has thickened, with the retrofit requiring repairs for an estimated 11 million diesel cars, to comply with pollution regulations.

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Acute Respiratory Infection on the Rise

October 26 2015

Acute respiratory infection (ARI) cases have risen by 5 million in India, since 2012. Increasing air pollution, an avoidable cause, seems to be the major reason for this dramatic rise.

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WHO Study States Second Hand Smoking Is Also Life-threatening

October 21 2015

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, 40% of Indians are exposed to second hand tobacco smoke at home.

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Doctors Consider Air Pollution as a Prime Reason for Eye Infection

October 19 2015

Recent studies indicate that the rise in eye infections in cities is a direct result of air pollution. 30,000 people were detected with cornea infection caused by the increased particulates in the air last year in Delhi.

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Cashless Hospitalization for Jaipur-Delhi Highway Accident Victims

October 19 2015

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in association with ICICI Lombard had launched a cashless insurance cover for highway accident victims in August 2014.

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Proposal for Three-year Health Insurance Policy

October 10 2015

Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is considering a long-term health insurance policy to meet the rising demand for health cover.

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More Than 80% of Indian Population without Health Insurance Cover

October 05 2015

As per a report by Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, only 21.6 crores people, less than one-fifth of India's population, are covered under health insurance. This data was compiled under National Health Profile 2015.

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Auto Theft at a New High

September 18 2015

A study conducted by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime regarding automobile theft, has ranked India at sixth position among 25 major countries (2014 data).

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Borderless Travel in Schengen Countries at Risk

September 14 2015

With the increasing number of refugees and migrants struggling to enter Europe, the admired borderless travel system of Schengen countries might receive a temporary setback.

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