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Insurance Article

10 Tips for Safe & Productive Study Abroad

July 20 2015

Safety Tips


You can make the experience of staying abroad a fruitful one by following these simple tips - for everything from packing to recreation abroad.

Tip 1: Pack Smartly

Tag your luggage to facilitate identification, however, remember to use covered tags, as you wouldn't want every passerby to know your identity. Pack valuable items inside the bag, whereas keep tickets and other vital documents in a handbag - always in sight while travelling. In the eventuality of the airline losing your baggage, at least you would not have to worry about your vital documents.

Tip 2: Keep Your Passport and Documents Handy & Safe

Keep your passport with you at all times while you are on the go. Ensure that you have a copy of important documents such as certificates, mark sheets, etc. at your accommodation.

Tip 3: Acquaint Yourself with Foreign Currency

Students should know the exchange rate and practice handling foreign currency. It is advisable to use travelers' cheques or cards instead of cash wherever possible. Avoid drawing attention from unwanted elements by fumbling with the notes while transacting abroad.

Tip 4: Maintain an Emergency Cash Fund

Keep some cash aside with you as an emergency cash fund while travelling. In case of contingencies like delay in receiving luggage, this fund would be handy.

Tip 5: Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency

Identify hospitals in vicinity of your common hangouts, such as accommodation and campus. Check with your insurance provider about the availability of cashless hospitalization. You can also save contact numbers of physicians and ambulances for a medical emergency.

Tip 6: Avail Adequate Insurance

Most foreign universities mandate medical insurance to cover general medical expenses arising out of illnesses and accidents, as well as specific costs arising from cancer screening, childcare, etc. Some of these on-campus insurance plans may not meet all your requirements. It is therefore wise to avail substitute and less expensive plans from India.

Plans from India ensure adequate coverage and provide more benefits to students, such as compensation for compassionate visit home, aid for payment of fees on the death of a sponsor, and monetary compensation on discontinuance of the curriculum due to unavoidable medical circumstances etc.

Tip 7: Ensure Risk-Free Campus Life

The time in campus is bound to be full of activities, however you should remember to stay focussed and not take undue risks.

Tip 8: Know Contact Details of Indian Embassies

Ensure that both your family and you have the contact details of the nearest Indian Embassy for emergency situations.

Tip 9: Be Aware of the Local Laws

While staying abroad, pay heed to the local laws relating to photography, mobile usage, public transport travel, religious places etc.

Tip 10: Plan Your Local Trips Well

Make sure you understand local signs, transport routes and fares. Familiarize yourself with the road orientation before venturing out. An international driving permit would be required if you wish to drive abroad. Check with the respective embassy for more details and remember to remain vigilant at all times while travelling alone.

The above tips are only few preventive measures that can your ensure hassle-free and safe stay. However, financial losses arising out of eventualities concerned with their health, stay, and travel can be avoided easily by availing student insurance. Click here to know more about the plans offered by ICICI Lombard.


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