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Insurance Article

Consider different student travel insurance plans to secure your child's foreign education

February 09 2013

An easy way of securing your child and ensuring that his transition in the destination country is hassle-free, you can secure them with a student travel insurance policy.

When selecting such a policy for your child, it is essential that you carefully read through different student travel insurance plans. By reading different policy quotes you can educate yourself about the policy benefits, student travel insurance premium rates, extent of coverage before you procure a particular type of policy.

Among the diverse range of student travel insurance plans, the student travel plan offered by ICICI Lombard offers comprehensive coverage that includes different covers under one policy. This policy offers extensive medical coverage against a variety of ailments and medical treatments. With this medical security your child will not suffer huge financial loss if he falls ill during the course of his studies abroad. The cashless claim feature is an added advantage of the medical security that makes your child to avail of treatment at premium health care institutions. With the cashless claim feature, your child can enjoy quality medical attention free of cost as the hospitalisation and treatment bills are settled by the insurance company and the network hospitals.

Besides medical treatment, you can also visit your child using the compassionate visit cover in case your child’s illness is hospitalised for more than 7 days and requires parental assistance and care. With this cover, any one parent can visit their child in the destination country and reimbursement can be sought for the expenses incurred for round economy class tickets and accommodation.

Medical benefits aside, this comprehensive plan offers the option of policy customisation to suit the requirements and guidelines of the prospective university. This feature is essential as different universities may have slight variations in the types of essential covers that must be included in the student medical insurance policy.

The student travel insurance premium for this policy is to be paid in Indian rupees, which will help you to reduce the overall cost of the foreign trip and education. Another advantage of this policy is the worldwide acceptability in different foreign universities. This policy purchased in India from ICICI Lombard is considered equivalent to a student medical purchased from the destination country. This is extremely beneficial as you are assured of purchasing a policy that will be valid in any part of the world.

Thus, the medical security offered by a student medical insurance plan will ensure that your child is safeguarded against a gamut of exigencies that he is likely to encounter during the course of this education in a foreign country.

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