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ICICI Lombard Launches Mobile Self-inspection for Cars

November 24 2016
Mobile Self-inspection for Cars

The new mobile self-inspection feature allows you to renew your policy within a few hours

Customer ease is always the top priority at ICICI Lombard. As part of this effort, ICICI Lombard has launched a facility called ‘Mobile Self Inspection’ that eliminates the need for physical inspection of cars.

ICICI Lombard customers can now record a video of their car on their mobile phones as per the guidance provided in the ‘Insure’ app. This facility saves customers the hassle of having to wait for a surveyor to visit and carry out the physical inspection.

Quick and Easy Renewal

Inspection is mandatory when a motor insurance policy lapses and it causes delay in issuance of renewed policy. Normally, the insurer initiates a process called ‘Break-In’ when a customer applies for renewal of a lapsed policy. In this process, an inspection by authorised surveyors is carried out and the policy is issued based on satisfactory inspection.

However, with the ‘Mobile Self Inspection’ feature, the time taken for renewal of lapsed policy reduces to a few hours from 2-3 days. This feature has made renewal of lapsed policy an easy-going and stress-free process for customers. Customers of other insurance companies who want to make a shift to ICICI Lombard can also use this feature.

Uploading a Video is Really Simple

For using the ‘Mobile Self Inspection’, a customer needs to have an internet connection; mobile phone with 3 MP or above camera resolution and the video of the car must be recorded in broad daylight. The app also contains a demo video for step-by-step guidance of the ‘Mobile Self Inspection’ process. After making payment for renewal of policy, the customer is prompted to upload the self-inspection video via the mobile app.

The video will be approved as per ICICI Lombard’s underwriting guidelines and after which the policy is generated within a few hours. If the video is found to be unclear, it can be discarded and self-inspection can be recorded again. After uploading the video, the status can be checked in the ‘My Policy’ section on the website or in the App.

Expert’s Opinion

Sanjay Datta, Head of Health and Motor, Underwriting and Claims, ICICI Lombard, said, “At ICICI Lombard, we understand that once a motor insurance is lapsed, it takes much effort for consumers to renew a policy. mobile self-inspection initiative is part of our customer-centric endeavour to ensure that customers have a delightful and hassle-free experience.”

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