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Insurance Article

Prevent Back Pain from Driving With 6 Proven Tips

October 14 2018

Yes, you can make your daily commute free from back pain

A survey conducted in the Asia Pacific region by the Ford Motor Company revealed that over 49% of the Indian respondents spent more than 100 minutes every day behind the wheel. That’s exactly the kind of time spent sitting in one position that can cause back pain.

While you cannot cut driving out of your daily schedule, you can definitely follow these 6 proven tips to prevent back pain from driving.

Plan Your Drive

Even if it is your daily commute to work, take five minutes to plan your drive. Check Google Maps to choose a route with less traffic congestion and remember to skip the roads with potholes and other minor roadblocks, as the jolts emanating from these can lead to back pain.

Get Comfortable

No matter how late you’re running, take two minutes to adjust your seat, get into a good posture, check the mirrors and get comfortable. If you start driving while being uncomfortable, these minor irritations will grow along the ride.

Get rid of things like your wallet, keys and phone from your back pockets to avoid lower back pain in the long run. If consistent attention is paid to minor things like these, it can go a long way to prevent back pain.

Ergonomic Seating Position

A 100-degree angle for the seat is recommended by many. In any case, your seat should be positioned in such a way that you’re sitting straight with a slight recline. Also make sure to sit close to the wheel because prolonged arm extending tends to exert unnecessary stress on your spine.

Take a Break

The reason driving for long hours can cause back pain is because the spine is designed to move. Sitting for prolonged hours stiffens the back muscles leading to aches and muscle spasms.

If you’re driving for more than 30 minutes, make it a habit to take a break. Schedule spots to stop and get out and move around. This movement is much needed for stimulating blood circulation and providing oxygen to your lower back, helping to prevent back pain.

Divert Your Mind

Remember how the doctor would try to engage you in a conversation as a child while you were getting your shots? That’s because diverting your mind from the pain helps with it. A long car drive can seem even longer if you have nothing entertaining you. Divert your mind with the help of audiobooks or podcasts, things you care about or simply listen to music.

Get Regular Exercise

Integrating regular exercise into your schedule is a good way to not just strengthen your back muscles in order to prevent back pain, but to also keep you fit overall. You can try running, swimming and even resistance training. If your back is really posing problems, you can opt for exercises specific to back muscles and indulge in yoga too.

If you follow these basic, easy-to-incorporate tips, your daily drive will become more comfortable and painless.

While you will protect your back and posture with these tips, your car too needs protection from the contingencies of life on the road. Getting motor vehicle insurance is a sure shot way of protecting your car. It protects your finances from losses incurred on your car to natural or man-made calamities as well as legal liabilities arising out of third-party accidents.

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