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Need Inspiration to Start Running? Here Are the Top 5 Books on Running

January 01 2017
Inspiration to Start Running

A list of 5 books that will inspire you to start running

The wisdom for running doesn’t come through pounding pavements or drinking chocolate milkshakes on your couch. It comes through contemplation, recovery of an aching foot and a good book that motivates and inspires you from within. Sometimes what we lack is the right inspiration, motivation and guidance.

Nobody wants to be overweight. But lack of exercise and a carefree attitude results in obesity and as time progresses we manage to accept it and live with it. Running can help you stay in shape and anyone who wants to stay fit must make it a daily habit. Let’s take a look at 5 books that will inspire you to start running.

Once a Runner (1978)

A cult classic among elite runners and college cross-country teams for years, this novel was authored by John L. Parker Jr. and published in 1978 by Cedarwinds. This phenomenal book is all about the grit and determination it takes to become a runner. A piece of fiction, this book focuses on the life and struggles of Quenton Cassidy.

Running and Being - The Total Experience (1978)

A New York Times bestseller and a timeless classic, the book tells the inspiring tale of Dr. George Sheehan’s midlife return to the world of play, exercise, and competition. The book describes how Dr. Sheehan found "a world beyond sweat" that proved to be a source of great revelation and personal growth.

Running With the Buffaloes (2000)

Running with the Buffaloes is the story of Mark Wetmore, Adam Goucher and their teams’ championship season and the trials they endured to emerge as champions. If you ever ran a cross-country team event before or planning to run one in the future, this book is a must have. A phenomenal portrait of courage and desire by Chris Lear, it is the ultimate source of inspiration for a cross-country runner.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (2007)

This memoir by Haruki Murakami has garnered attention of millions of global readers after being translated into English a few years ago. It’s a personal stream of consciousness about one man’s participation in running marathons and ultra-marathons after taking up running in his early 30s. The realistic description of his struggles, especially when describing his physical, mental and emotional struggles to finish a 100K run is worth reading.

Born To Run (2009)

An epic adventure, this amazing book began with a simple question “Why does my foot hurt?” Christopher McDougall’s autobiographical account of running almost-barefoot has already sold more than half-a-million copies worldwide and it also remained on The New York Times’ bestseller list for more than four years.

Inspired by his bare-foot running-related injuries, McDougall set out to discover why some runners suffer multiple injuries consistently and discovered the secrets of world’s greatest distance runner tribes like the Tarahumara Indians. In the process he also showed us that everything we thought we knew about running was wrong.

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