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Health Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

What Do You Look for When You Compare A Health Insurance Policies?

December 10 2016

Comparing health insurance policies can be difficult, but when you know what to compare, you can certainly make a more informed decision.

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How to Stay in Shape During Winter?

December 06 2016

The world seems to be at rest during winter, but instead of staying indoors you need to get outdoors and stay active throughout the season to stay in shape.

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Section 80D De-jargoned

December 04 2016

Read on to understand the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. It lets you avail tax exemptions on premium paid towards your health insurance plans.

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Diseases to Watch Out This Winter

November 15 2016

The onset of winter brings a baggage of diseases that can be prevented through proper vaccination and maintaining a healthy routine.

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A Shift In Indian Healthcare Perspective – Health Now A Low Priority

November 01 2016

Private players and healthcare technology is changing the Indian Health behaviour. Place your health on high priority and get health insurance today.

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Health Update: Is India Becoming a Disease Factory?

October 25 2016

Key health updates for this year’s festive quarter: Air pollution and lifestyle diseases on the rise, while hygiene and healthcare suffers.

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Closing the Gap in Health Insurance

October 15 2016

ICICI Lombard offers Health booster top-up plan that covers illnesses and expenses not covered in your base health insurance policy. Click here to know more.

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Why Investing In Health Insurance At A Young Age Makes Sense

October 12 2016

Millennials get a better deal out of health insurance. Click here to know more about a comprehensive health insurance plan.

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Financial Planning For the Millennial Couple

October 03 2016

Are you and your spouse a millennial couple? Plan your finances better with these tricks for long term planning

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Keeping Promises: The Rise of Proactive Health Insurance

September 28 2016

ICICI Lombard’s new ad campaign takes an innovative approach towards health insurance through its focus on preventive healthcare and wellness.

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