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Insurance Article

Read through different student insurance plans to buy the correct insurance policy

January 29 2013

Universities abroad make it mandatory for all their students to be insured with a health cover which is in accordance with their guidelines. This may pose a problem for first time health insurance buyers but a little research will surely help you pick the correct policy.

Before you buy a policy you must carefully read the guidelines formulated by your university. This will greatly limit the chances of buying a wrong student insurance policy. The internet is the best place to look up for policy quotes offered by different insurance companies for student insurance plans. You can be assured of the authenticity of the information as many insurance providers offer complete details of policy features.

The most important aspect to consider is the acceptance of the policy you purchase from India. If the policy that you buy from India is deemed invalid by the university, you will then have to promptly arrange for a new policy. This will not only increase stress but you may have to shell out extra money to buy a student insurance plan from the foreign country. To reduce all these hassles, you must look up the internet and search for insurance companies who offer insurance policies that have a world-wide acceptability. This will not only help you save money but will also assure you of its validity during any medical or non-medical emergency.

Another feature to consider is the term of the policy student insurance policy so that your child does not have to worry about annual policy renewal. As most universities offer two year programs, it is wise to buy a policy that has a continuous policy term of 2 years. With such a policy term, parents and students need not worry about policy renewal dates.

The student insurance policy that you select must also include medical cover. This is essential as medical aid aboard is expensive and a medical emergency during the course of studies is likely to burn a hole in your pocket. An insurance policy that offers coverage against a variety of ailments and covers different types of diseases is helpful. Some student insurance plans may also offer cashless hospitalisation facility which exempts the insured student from singlehandedly footing the hospitalisation bill.

Another feature to consider is the easy policy customization facility. Different universities have different requirements, thus, the student insurance policy that you select must allow you to include different optional covers at the time of policy purchase.

Keeping all these essential features in mind, you can go through different student insurance plans and easily purchase a student insurance policy that is accepted and fulfills the guidelines of the prospective university.

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