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Personal Accidents by the Numbers

February 15 2017
personal accidents by the numbers

Personal accidents are dreadful and can result in permanent disability or death

Personal accidents are a terrible thing for everyone in the victim’s family. They may result in severe injuries, permanent disability, or even death. The cost and the shock associated with such incidents can turn a person’s life upside down. The expenses incurred in treatment can be a back breaker for the whole family, and if the victim dies because of it, the future of the dependents comes under trouble. It’s important to get a health insurance coverage that takes care of accident related expenses to ease the monetary pressure during the time of any accidents

Rise in Personal Accident Deaths

You might think that accidental death due to personal accident is a rare occurrence and it can never happen to you. Here are some statistics to change your mind. According to data released by National Crime Records Bureau for the year 2015; 4,13,457 accidental deaths were reported, representing a sharp increase of 40.5% over the figures a decade ago.

Accidental deaths are segregated into three categories namely ‘Accidents due to forces of nature’, ‘Unnatural accidents’, and ‘Deaths due to other causes’. Unnatural accidents are responsible for 81.3% of the total figure for 2015, while ‘Other causes’ made up 16.2%, and 2.5% were due to forces of nature.

Major Causes of Deaths

The major cause for death due to unnatural causes was traffic accidents, accounting for 52.8% with drowning, accidental fire, fall, and electrocution taking up 8.9%, 5.3%, 5.3%, 5.0%, and 3.0% respectively. The states with the highest percentage of accident-related mortality are topped by the same state as last year. A personal accident insurance  policy would help you take care of the monetary consequences,

Maharashtra still holds the dubious distinction with a mammoth share of 15.6%. The second spot is occupied by Madhya Pradesh (9.8%) followed by India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, at third with 8.9%. The striking part about these statistics is that the majority of victims are young people between the ages of 30-45 years.

Getting a Personal Accident Insurance

These figures may appear scary upfront, but serve as a reminder as to how accidents can happen at any time, without warning and that you should have a backup plan in place at all times. You must personal accident insurance to safeguard yourself from accidents of all sorts.

These plans are tailor-made to take care of emergencies arising out of road accidents, rail accidents and even natural calamities and terrorist attacks. The coverage extends beyond hospital expenses. If you are left permanently disabled due to any of the above emergencies, these plans will pay you expenses related to total permanent disablement. In the extreme case of the victim not being able to survive the accident, the nominee will be compensated with the insured sum.

ICICI Lombard also provides health insurance plans like Complete Health Insurance, Health Booster Arogya Sanjeevani Policy , Corona Kavach Policy  which offers people with the much needed financial backup during any medical emergencies.

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