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Rising Concerns: More than 700 Blind Spots identified on National Highways

March 01 2016
Dangers of Blind Spots

An analysis on the occurrences of blind spots and associated dangers

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India, a death occurs every four minutes due to road accidents. A lethal combination of errors in our roadway system is responsible for this unfortunate scenario.

Apart from the obvious causes like over speeding, drunken driving, potholes etc., there is a more subtle evil of blind spots. Blind spots are areas on a road that are obstructed from the visual range of a driver. Most of the unfortunate accidents occur because of these blind spots. So, having a good health insurance  takes care of accident related expenses.

Indian Highways and Blind Spots

With a steady rise in fatalities on the road, curbing accidents and maintaining discipline of vehicular traffic should be a priority among our concerns as citizens. Identifying the root cause of these problems and taking stringent measures to eradicate them is the responsibility of the government as well as individuals.

The Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways (MoRTH) of India has conducted numerous surveys that highlight the concerns associated with blind spots. There are over 700 blind spots identified in India.

  • Priority-wise Blind Spot Analysis

    All blind spots are analyzed and rated according to the number of fatalities that have occurred. They are sorted into various priority groups accordingly.

    Priority Total Fatalities (2011 to 2013)
    Priority 1 > 95
    Priority 2 70 to 95
    Priority 3 45 to 69
    Priority 4 21 to 44
    Priority 5 < 21
  • State-wise Blind Spot Analysis

    Statistics by MoRTH show that Tamil Nadu has the most number of blind spots in the country, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. This coincides with the fact that south Indian states have higher mortality rates due to mishaps on the road.

    States Number of Blind Spots
    Tamil Nadu 100
    Uttar Pradesh 99
    Karnataka 86
    Telangana 71
    Rajasthan 58
    Maharashtra 34
    Haryana 33
    West Bengal 31
    Kerala 29
    Chhattisgarh 29

Reasons for Blind Spots

Navigating through blind spots requires careful understanding of the roads and your car. It is an acquired ability, which is developed after a fair amount driving experience. Here are a few factors that give rise to blind spots:

  • Topography

    Hilly terrains are infested with blind spots. Sharp turns, steep slopes and narrow roads contribute to make driving in these areas a perilous experience.

  • Road structure

    In a few areas, there are dangerous three-way or a four-way intersections without appropriate warning signs. This is usually the case when detouring from a highway. A driver needs to make sure that the road is clear and safe before moving ahead. Also make sure to equip your car with a suitable car insurance plan when driving through these rough terrains.

  • Weather

    Drastic rise in accidents during the monsoons and thick winter fogs is a testimony to how treacherous driving during bad weather can be. To avoid the financial losses due to accidents, a personal accident insurance  would definitely be a good choice.

Dangers of Blind Spots

  • Compromised visibility

    The visual range of the driver is affected making it difficult to view oncoming cars with clarity. This leads to confusion, and eventually accidents.

  • Compromised risk estimation

    It is easy to miss a speeding car at an intersection or in a fog. By the time the oncoming vehicle is noticed, it is often too late. It is not easy for the driver to estimate a safe distance between obstacles in such conditions.

Preventive Measure

  • Creating Awareness

    Drivers and pedestrians should be aware of what blind spots are and should be more cautious in these areas. Local authorities should put up clear signs stating dangers ahead, with particular care to ensure they are visible at night.

  • Technological Incorporations

    Larger vehicles like carrier trucks and traveler buses could have cameras installed to give their drivers a thorough 360-degree view. This will help to eliminate blind spots of the vehicle, especially while journeying at night.

  • Stringent Traffic Management

    Disregarding traffic rules has become a vile norm in India. Major intersection on the highways should be closely supervised and managed to implement safety.

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance – A must

    All drivers must ensure that they drive only with a valid personal accident insurance. Reminders should be set so that renewals are done on time.

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