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From Micro Holidays to Curated Experience: These are the Hot Travel Trends For 2019

February 13 2019

From bite-sized travel to curated experiences in uncharted territories, there is a tectonic shift in the way people travel

Like everything else, the way people see, travel, and experience the world is also undergoing a change. Technical innovations, enhanced connectivity, and growing consumer appetite are some of the factors that are driving the travellers to scout through uncharted territories and unexplored heights. A tectonic shift is observed among the travellers in recent times which is sure to be reflected in the ways they would like to travel in 2019.

Listed below is a peek into the crystal ball to note the emerging travel trends that would shape the tourism industry in near future:

  1. Travel in bites

  2. As more and more people are trying to procure a balance between work and leisure, they are tempted to go on short trips frequently with their loved ones. This could imply that most of the trips would be limited to local destinations, but with increased global connectivity and consistent drop in flight fares, you can also plan a short visit to some of the popular foreign destinations according to your budget.

  3. Curated travel experience

  4. Rather than going for the quantity in terms of number of days spent at a location, people are increasingly looking to enhance the quality of their trip. There is a noticeable trend among the travellers to squeeze in specially curated and customised itineraries to make the most out of their short-lived vacations.

    Innovations such as extensive flight routes, expansion of online services, and availability of a wide range of accommodation facilities have contributed towards making these micro-trips with curated travel experiences a reality.

  5. Exploring new destinations

  6. Recent patterns among the holidaymakers suggest that they are not only looking for amusement, but also bringing in new experiences to the table. Travellers now value adventures more than material possessions are hence willing to hitherto unexplored destinations. Scouting through new locations to experience a new way of life, culture, and food have become a crucial part of their travel agenda.

  7. Technological interventions

  8. Technological innovations like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, speech recognition etc. are rapidly transforming the travel industry. Travellers are already savouring the comfort and convenience by adopting these technical advancements such as key-less access to rooms, real-time luggage tracking systems, app-based planning and booking of the trip and many other innovative facilities.

  9. Ecotourism

  10. Though ecotourism has been a buzzword for quite some time now, it’s gaining more popularity in recent times owing to the greater number of travellers becoming environment-conscious. In view of global warming and the ever-increasing environmental degradation, an increasing number of people are favouring the idea of sustainable tourism. The travel industry is also witnessing the rise of new start-ups that make use of innovative technologies in order to create eco-friendly camps for tourists.

  11. Wellness-retreats

  12. Thanks to the strenuous work environment and associated stress in their lives, people are looking for short excursion trips as a way to detox themselves from their sedentary lifestyle. This craving on the part of people to find a gateway from high stress and contemporary lifestyle has resulted in the introduction of special category of holiday packages that cater to wellness wanderlust of the travellers.

  13. Last minute travel

  14. Technology has made travel bookings easier and convenient than ever before. This has given birth to a new phenomenon known as ‘last minute travel’. It means that you can plan and book your trip itinerary only few days before your desired travel date in case you fail to plan your vacation well in advance. This trend has also inspired the travel agencies to come with last-minute tourism packages for the holidaymakers at reasonable prices.

  15. The increasing role of social media

  16. Social media has not only influenced the choice of destination among the travellers, but also transformed the way they travel and experience the place. For example, when you share your pictures enjoying at a particular destination on social media platforms, it plays a vital role in imparting some valuable information about the place and persuading others to choose it as their preferred holiday destination.

    These are few of the recent travel trends pivotal in shaping up the tourists’ mindset in recent times. So, it’s time to make your own micro-holiday plans and spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of your daily lifestyle. More importantly, don’t forget to pack a travel insurance plan as you embark on your tour to keep yourself protected from a multitude of unfortunate events that can occur during the vacation.

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