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Motorcycle Maintenance Mantras

November 15 2016
Motorcycle Maintenance Mantras

Take care of your beloved bike

Every biker, beginner or professional, wish to keep their bike in a good condition for a longer period of time. Thus, it is imperative to take good care and regularly maintain your bike with these tips if you wish to increase its life-span and efficiency:

Replacing Engine and Gear Oils

Over a period of time, the engine and gear oil of your bike start to break down and wear out. Therefore, it becomes less effective in lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. After a certain point, this oil starts to damage the engine. It is hence, suggested to replace the oil every 3000 km. However, this varies from engine to engine and also on the quality of the oil you use.

Changing Brake Pads

The brake pads are bound to get skimmed off over time. It is a primary bike part and helps in maintaining the speed. Thus, it is advised to check on the brake pads of your bike after every 10,000 km. A skimmed brake pad can be very dangerous for you to ride the bike with. If the thickness of your brake pads has reduced to 2 mm, it is time to change them.

Checking Tyre Treads

As much as it is important to check your brake pads, a scheduled check on your bike's tyre treads is equally necessary. Without a good tyre tread, your bike is prone to skids and crashes. Tyre treads help in providing the required traction between your bike and the pavement surface. It is suggested to replace your tyre when your tread grooves are worn out up to a 3-mm thickness level.

Cleaning Air Filters

Ideally if you ride your bike in areas of excess dust and dirt, the air filters will be more prone to clogs. This can also cause the dirt to enter the engine and increase the chances of damage. To keep your bike from unnecessary breakdown, clean the air filters of your motorcycle every 10,000 km.

Maintaining the Battery

Over time, the performance of the engine reduces and starts affecting its efficiency. During winters, the battery should be recharged more often to prevent frost from affecting your bike. Replacing a battery is tedious and expensive. Thus, one must consult a mechanic before deciding on the same.

Greasing the Chains

The chain on the wheels of your bike, play an important part in the gear mechanism of your bike. Greasing it from time to time is required to run the bike smoothly. The chain is generally made of a sturdy material and therefore does not require regular replacement. You can use the same chain, up to 30,000 km, at the least. While you oil the chain, it is advised to also check the slack in the chain. Too loose or too tight, both are dangerous for your bike.

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