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Insurance Article

With ICICI Insurance- Lock your savings Now!

June 13 2009

You tend to buy health insurance or home insurance etc. because of the coverage it provides to family, close individuals and people or possessions without causing a dent in the pocket and without causing any worry.

1) The need for car insurance occurs when your priced possession develops a dent, gets damaged or ruined due to accident etc. To avoid burning a hole in your pocket and also in your savings, a car insurance can do justice to both; the pockets and the spends.

2) Our health is the most precious to us. Ill-health, injury sickness may surely be treatable now, all thanks to the ever growing advancement in science. So, today we have medicines and other treatments that can bring down our fever etc. but with changing time, things may surely be readily available but every expense bears a cost. Regular health care bills may turn into huge amounts in due course of time.

To add on to the spends, an emergency operation would be the other reason for dent in savings. Hence, in such situations health insurance comes to the rescue. Your health insurance may help you settle the hospital bills, doctor fees and prove fruitful in financing at times that demand emergency operations. So, may it be family insurance, individual or senior citizens every person insured with the icici online and get covered during difficult times.

3) If your sibling or loved ones wish to pursue their studies in another country, then eligible student travel insurance could be the best rescue when he/ she falls sick, gets injured or loses baggage. The student insurance could be the best shield for all students in such uncertain exigencies.

Insurance is the ultimate means to preserve your savings. The sooner you start investing in insurance and understand its importance the easier it becomes to live life happily.

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