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Health Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

How to Prevent Cataract at Any Age

June 02 2017

Cataract can be prevented by changing your lifestyle and other preventive measures. Here’s everything you should know about it how to prevent cataract!

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Health Insurance Claims: Why Claims Get Rejected in India 2023?

May 29 2017

Negligence on several critical aspects results in the rejection of health insurance claims. Read on to know these aspects to avoid health insurance claim rejection.

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A Market for Mental Health Insurance?

May 12 2017

Mental healthcare bill mandates insurers to provide cover for mental illnesses & soon it will be the part of your comprehensive health insurance cover. Click here to know more!

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Ways to Prevent Asthma Attacks At Home

April 28 2017

Asthma attacks can be prevented from being triggered by knowing the causes like pet dander, dust on bedcovers, and mould. Know the different ways to prevent asthma attacks here!

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Why a Top-Up Mediclaim Must Cover All Costs Above Base Policy

April 05 2017

Deductible is the amount of hospitalisation expenses a policyholder bears under a top-up health insurance policy, after the base sum insured is exhausted

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How Can Fitness & Wellness Apps Keep You Healthy?

March 28 2017

Get your daily dose of exercise motivation with these fitness and wellness apps. Download them and live life in the fitness lane!

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Cope Up With Depression This World Health Day

March 15 2017

Educate people about Depression to break the stigma. WHO Campaign for World Health Day (April 7, 2017) is depression

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Tuberculosis and Its Treatment

March 01 2017

A deadly bacterial disease that most commonly affects the lungs and other organs with multiple manifestations adding to the complexity of treatment.

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Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace

February 08 2017

Simple ways to promote eye health and protect vision well into your golden years by taking good care of your eyesight at your workplace.

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What Are the Steps to Avoid Glaucoma?

February 02 2017

Glaucoma is an eye disease that gradually leads to irreparable vision damage. Follow these simple steps to stay protected.

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