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Health Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

How Can Runners Stay In Shape With a 9-5 Job?

January 17 2017

As a runner you need to perform certain key work-outs and discreet desk exercises to be in shape while working on a 9 -5 job.

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Health Insurance for the Young - It Is No Longer a ‘Good to Have’

January 13 2017

Lifestyle changes are making the youth vulnerable to illnesses and in times of rising healthcare costs, a health insurance has become a necessity.

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Steps to Selecting the Right Shoe for Your Endurance Training

January 08 2017

There is no perfect shoe for every runner, however certain factors must be considered before buying shoes for your endurance training.

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Running a Marathon? Here Are Some Race-Day Tips

January 06 2017

These are some important tips on how to go about your first marathon, and while at it, enjoy the experience too!

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Should Limits for Health Insurance be Increased in This Budget?

January 05 2017

Health insurance penetration is low in India and those covered are under-insured. Increase in tax incentives would push more people to buy health insurance.

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How Marathon Running Inspired These People to #DoTheDifficult?

January 02 2017

Want to run a marathon but can’t find the motivation? Check out these stories and get running

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Need Inspiration to Start Running? Here Are the Top 5 Books on Running

January 01 2017

A list of 5 amazing books that will inspire and motivate you to overcome your daily lives’ struggles and make running a habit.

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Why You Should Get Diabetes Insurance Before It's Too Late?

December 30 2016

With rise in diabetes cases and the number of diabetes claims, it is better to opt for a comprehensive health insurance and save the extra premium cost.

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Your New Year Health Resolutions

December 30 2016

This New Year set health resolutions for yourself and use them as a motivation tool to improve your health and stay fit.

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Lesser Known Facts About Tax Benefits of Health Insurance

December 27 2016

Health Insurance is one of the best ways to add to your tax savings. Read on to know how you can maximise your tax savings this financial year.

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