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Travel Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

April 03 2018

These countries require tourists to have travel insurance. Most of them also specify that the travel policy come loaded with medical coverage as well

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Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Next Trip

March 22 2018

Avoid getting trapped in scams while on a trip to an unfamiliar destination by taking a cautious approach and staying alert

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Financial Considerations To Make Before Your International Travel

March 05 2018

Planning your finances is crucial before traveling abroad. Here, we give you a checklist of things to consider before your journey

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Claim Settlement Guide For International Travel Insurance

February 22 2018

If something goes wrong during your international trip, a claim made with the right documents and within the timeframe will recover your financial losses

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Things To Know Before Taking International Trip With Your Kids

February 11 2018

Planning your international travel with kids is crucial for an enjoyable vacation abroad. Here’s what you need to know

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Explore These Top Diving Sites in the World

January 11 2018

These are the best scuba diving sites in the world. From beautiful coral reefs to rich diversity of animals, these sites will leave you spellbound

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Best Places in the World to Have Christmas Vacation

December 21 2017

Christmas is a perfect time to take a vacation. A tour during this time of the year is a great way to start the New Year with vigour

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Yee Peng Lantern Festival: An Ethereal Experience

November 21 2017

Every year in November, the town of Chiang Mai lights up with colourful lanterns in their thousands. All you need to know about Yee Peng here

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Tips to Protect Phone Data Theft While Crossing Borders

November 08 2017

These steps will help you prevent data theft and invasion of privacy while crossing borders on your international travels

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All You Need to Know About Pirates Week in Cayman Islands

November 01 2017

Pirates invade the Cayman Islands every year in November. Five days of fun and frolic await those who are ready to face their fears!

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