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Insurance Article

Why You Should Opt for a Roadside Assistance Cover in a Two Wheeler Policy?

April 20 2017
Roadside Assistance Cover

Read on to know the benefits of roadside assistance cover in your two wheeler policy

A rider being stuck in the middle of a road with a malfunctioned two wheeler is a common sight these days. There is a high probability that you may find yourself in a similar situation where you would need urgent help from someone to rescue you from that situation. Calling up the mechanic from your regular two wheeler garage will be the first thing that you would consider. However, it is more likely that you might be stuck in an area that is far away, from where your regular garage is situated.

Thankfully, you can escape from all the hassles by simply dialling a number. Dial the roadside assistance number offered by your two wheeler insurance provider and help will reach you shortly. With roadside assistance as an add-on feature along with your two wheeler insurance policy, there would be help at hand for minor repairs, towing, refuelling, rectifying flat tyre, etc.

How Roadside Assistance Works

To avail roadside assistance you simply need to call your insurance company and they will ensure that help reaches you as soon as possible. Usually, most of the roadside assistance services are free but you need to pay for the costs of some of the services involved. For example, if your two wheeler has run out of fuel, refuelling cost would be on you.

However, if your two wheeler needs to be towed to the nearest network garage, then the towing cost would normally be included in your policy cover. Your insurance company may have capped the towing charges. Any towing charge over and above the amount that’s payable by the insurance company would have to be borne by you.

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Costs

The cost of roadside assistance depends largely on the age of the two wheeler. For a new vehicle, roadside assistance may come as a complimentary service. In the case of older two wheelers, your insurance company may either build the cost into the premium and offer the service as a standard package or charge the premium separately and provide it as an add-on service. Your insurance company may also cap the number of roadside assistance services during the policy period.

You should hope you are never caught in a situation where you are in an area that you do not routinely visit and are stranded, as there is a breakdown of your two wheeler. It is specifically for such situations that it is advisable to opt for roadside assistance as an add-on facility with your two wheeler insurance policy. It is not just about breakdowns. You may need assistance after an accident and there is no better help than the roadside assistance facility offered by your insurer.

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