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Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance


Schengen Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip to visit the beautiful sights of the Schengen Region? We at ICICI Lombard want to make your trip worry free. Kindly check our comprehensive guide for Schengen Visa to know more about the documentation required and how to apply for it. Travel Insurance is a very important part of obtaining a Schengen Visa and ICICI Lombard offers a schengen travel insurance policy which is best suited for all types of travelers.

Travel Insurance for Europe

Travelling to Europe is a journey beyond words. The architectural wonders of Europe offer an endless joy filled ride. For your benefit, we have come up with a travel guide to Europe. Travel has its own sets of risk and ICICI Lombard helps you cover them. Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for a European or Schengen Visa and we at ICICI Lombard offer a comprehensive European or Schengen travel insurance policy to cover all the risks while you are abroad.

Travel Insurance for United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom comprises of England, Wales, Highlands of Scotland and Northern part of Ireland. From a tourist as well as a business point of view, it has a lot to offer. From fine brews to vibrant city life, green lands, castles and much more. We at ICICI Lombard want your trip to the UK to be worry free and hence we offer you a comprehensive international travel insurance policy. Click the link above to know more about UK and our overseas travel policy for UK.

Travel Insurance for Germany

Germany is the land of beautiful landscapes, food, Oktoberfest, amazing architecture and soul stirring scenery. We at ICICI Lombard want you to enjoy this beautiful land and let us cover your travel risks. Know more about Germany and our comprehensive travel insurance policy for Germany

Travel Insurance for France

France is the epicenter of art. In addition, it is known for its gourmet food, museums, fine wines, cheese and luxury ski resorts. No matter where you go in France, we at ICICI Lombard have you covered with our Schengen Insurance plan. A Schengen travel insurance plan is a must while visiting France and our insurance plan is Schengen approved. To know more about France as a country and salient features of our travel policy, click the above link.

Travel Insurance for Greece

Greece is one of the most naturally gifted and beautiful country on the face of this earth. Endless miles of ravishing beaches, beautiful villages cascading down hillsides, dramatic mountain ranges and sun bleached ancient ruins, Greece is the perfect getaway for our mundane lives. A Schengen travel insurance plan is a must to visit Greece. Our travel insurance plan is Schengen approved and safeguards you against unforeseen situation while travelling. With coverage against accidents and cashless hospitalisation facilities in Greece, you can travel anywhere with peace of mind.

Travel Insurance for Belgium

Belgium is the land of chocolates, castles, and soaking the local culture. Belgium gives you an opportunity to explore both extremes of landscape – the beautiful countryside in the hilly wooded south and the flatter icy fields of the north. You need a travel insurance to visit this paradise and ICICI Lombard offers you just that so that you can experience this beautiful country and leave your worries to us. Our Belgium travel insurance plan safeguard you financially by providing cashless hospitalisation, trip cancellation coverage, personal accident coverage and much more.

Travel Insurance for Netherlands

Netherlands is famous for its beautiful canals, windmills, colourful blooming tulip fields and much more. The best part about it is the Dutch culture and it will truly mesmerize you. If you are planning a business or a leisure trip, go right ahead and plan it. You will not be disappointed. Do remember that to visit the Netherlands you compulsorily need a Schengen approved travel insurance policy. ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance is Schengen-approved and offers the much needed coverage to deal with any unforeseen situation while travelling. Click on above link to know more.

Travel Insurance for Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country with great landscapes and natural phenomena in abundance. A trip to this country is must to see nature’s remarkable wonders. This country will definitely inspire you with its exotic culture, cuisines and natural wonders. It is mandatory for you to get a travel insurance before you travel to Iceland. We at ICICI Lombard take care of this to make sure your trip is worry free. Our travel insurance policy is Schengen approved and offers benefits like cashless hospitalization, complete accident and luggage loss coverage and more. Click on above link to know more.

Travel Insurance for Norway

Norway has a gorgeous displays of nature, picture perfect wooden villages, landscapes like adventurous playgrounds and celestial light shows. It has some of the most beautiful fjords and a look into the fjords from the waterfront at Aurland is enough to convince you that it is the most beautiful country on the planet. Since it falls into Schengen zone, you compulsorily need a travel insurance policy to visit Norway. Travel Insurance is a mandatory visa requirement. We at ICICI Lombard offer a Schengen approved travel insurance to make your once in a lifetime Norway trip worry free. Click on the above link for more details.

Travel Insurance for Finland

Finland is truly a great land snow-covered forests coupled with spectacular Northern Lights make Finland one of those magical storybook places that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. ICICI Lombard covers your travel to Finland with our Schengen approved travel insurance policy which offers a wide range of benefits to suit every individual's need, it provides for your trip’s safety as well as care for your loved ones back home. Click on the above link for more details.

Travel Insurance for Poland

Poland offers amazing tranquility of nature. The cities of Poland present a fascinating collection of landmarks and neighbourhoods. Excellent hospitality of the locals along with unique beverages to complement the tranquility of nature. In addition, it has a lot of monuments dedicated to World War II. Travel Insurance is a mandatory requirement to obtain a visa for Poland. We at ICICI Lombard offer you a Schengen approved travel insurance policy so that your travel to Poland is worry free. Click on the link above to get further details.

Travel Insurance for Austria

Austria is a small but beautiful country that offers alpine scenery, world-class museums, cobbled quaintness, and scrumptious food. The country is content to bask in its good living and elegant, opulent past as the former head of one of Europe's grandest empires. It is very important that you have a travel insurance while travelling to Austria to cover unforeseen circumstances and we at ICICI Lombard will help you with it. Our travel policy is Schengen approved and offers extensive coverage.

Travel Insurance for Czech Republic

Czech Republic, a hidden jewel in the heart of Europe attracts many tourists every year. A part of the Schengen group of countries, Czech Republic is often visited along with other countries in the zone, or on standalone trips. An international travel insurance is a must while travelling to the beautiful Czech Republic and its cities such as Prague, Jihlava, Brno, Zlin etc. We at ICICI Lombard have all your travel insurance needs for Czech Republic taken care of. Our travel policy is Schengen approved so you can travel worry free.

Travel Insurance for Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a city located in the heart of Europe. This small country, is known for preserving the ancient art and culture. Its scenic countryside, medieval castles and quaint churches are bound to transport you to another phase in time. Travel insurance is mandatory visa requirement if you wish to travel to Luxembourg. ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance is Schengen-approved and will take care of your nightmares of being out of cash or emptying your savings account in case of medical emergencies abroad. Just click on the above link for more details.

Travel Insurance for Hungary

Hungary is a charming place with amazing architectural structures that will take your breath away. Be it ancient Roman ruins, medieval houses, churches or neoclassical buildings, you will find yourself amidst delightful structures at every corner of this country. Hungary is part of the Schengen region and a schengen travel insurance is mandatory to travel to Hungary. We at ICICI Lombard will take of your travel insurance so that you can explore the beautiful country of Hungary worry free.

Travel Insurance for Spain

Spain is a truly inspiring country for your vacation. You can enjoy yourself, move slowly, eat well, and relax. It is a beautiful, interesting, and dynamic place with a lot of regional uniqueness and variety. It is a land of dramatic mountains, lush green countryside, wide-open plains and glorious beaches and local traditions. A travel insurance policy for Spain is a must if you are planning to visit this beautiful country. We at ICICI Lombard offer multiple options for your Spain travel insurance requirements. Our policy is available online and offers coverage with no medical tests up to 85 years of age.

Travel Insurance for Italy

Italy is all about art and mother nature. Heart-thumping art and monuments, diverse cultures and dialects, remarkable coastline, alpine lakes and mountain ranges make it a highly desirable destination among travellers. An international travel insurance policy is necessary to visit Italy. We at ICICI Lombard offers schengen travel insurance plans for your visit to Italy since Italy is a part of the Schengen region. Our policy covers you for both medical and non-medical emergencies on your trip to Italy.

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