Schengen Visa Process

Countries that comes under the Schengen agreement are:

  Austria   Belgium   Bulgaria   Croatia  
  Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark   Estonia  
  Finland   France   Germany   Greece  
  Hungary   Iceland   Italy   Latvia  
  Lithuania   Luxembourg   Malta   Netherlands  
  Norway   Poland   Denmark   Romania  
  Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sweden  

          Travel Insurance to Schengen countries is mandatory for every traveler. A group of 29 European countries fall into the Schengen Agreement, thus eliminating the internal border which controls them.

STEP 1 : Overview on how to apply for a Schengen Visa

If you intent to visit one of the Schengen countries then you need to apply at the embassy or consulate of that particular country In case you wish to visit multiple Schengen countries, then you must apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of the country which is your primary of main destination.

STEP 2 : Overview on the documentation break-up required pertaining to the various reasons for visiting Schengen countries

You will have to procure a visa for the initial entry purpose along with a passport that is valid for three months beyond the planned stay period. In case you wish to visit Schengen territories for a period of 2 weeks, then you must have a passport that is valid for a period of 5 months.

  • Business:
  • Invitation from a firm or an authority to attend meetings, conference or events connected with trade, industry or work
    Other documents which show the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes Entry tickets to the events

  • Tourism or general visit:
  • Invitation from the host if staying with one or supporting document from the establishment providing lodging or any other appropriate document indicating the type of accommodation envisaged
    In the case of transit, tickets for onward destination

  • Study or training:
  • Certificate of enrolment at a teaching institute for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical course in the framework of basic and further training

  • Medical reasons:
  • An official document from a medical institution confirming necessity for medical care in that institution and proof of sufficient medical funding to pay for the medical treatment

  • Official delegations:
  • A letter issued by an authority of the third country confirming that the applicant is a member of the official delegation to a Schengen State to participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programmes, along with a copy of the official invitation.

STEP 3 : Mandate for Schengen countries

While applying for a Schengen Visa it is mandatory to produce a copy of health insurance. The insurance company must have a physical office in the Schengen territory. The insurance policy must be valid for the entire duration of stay. The minimum coverage of the policy has to be Euro 30,000/-.
ICICI Lombard offers the comprehensive travel insurance policy at nominal rates, which covers various unfortunate mishaps or medical emergencies which might occur while travelling abroad. It is recommended to buy an ICICI Lombard travel insurance policy while travelling to any of the Schengen territories.

International Travel Insurance

Whether on business, study trip or a vacation, traveling abroad can be exciting. But, along with fun comes the responsibility to stay safe. So, to ensure a smooth and worriless transition abroad, "International Travel Insurance" is the want of the day and also the best suited choice for all overseas travelers.

International Travel Insurance policies can be chosen depending on the kind of travel routine and the coverage can differ as per the age.

Plans offered for single round trip (3 months to 70 years)

Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance & ( 3 months to 70 years)

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance ( 71 years to 85 years)




Get coverage on all the International Travel policies upto 360 days (Original policy for 180 days and extension for additional 180 days)


Sum insured options: Single Round Trip- Upto $ 250,000, Gold Multi Trip- Upto $ 500,000, Senior Citizen- Upto $ 50,000


Sublimits are not applicable for Schengen Countries


No medical check-up required


Cashless hospitalization worldwide


Get coverage on Total Loss of Checked in Baggage, Trip Delay, Loss of Passport, Emergency Cash Advance, Missed (Flight) Connections


Get cover on medical evacuation costs back to India


Avail value added services on Single Round Trip Plan & Gold Multi Trip Plan

Note: * "Life Threatening situations" refers to a medical condition suffered by the insured, which has the following characteristics:


Markedly unstable vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiratory rate)


Acute impairment of one or more vital organ systems (involving brain, heart, lungs, Liver, Kidneys and pancreas)


Critical care being provided, which involves high complexity decision making to assess, manipulate and support vital system function(s) to treat single or multiple vital organ failure(s) and requires interpretation of multiple physiological parameters and application of advanced technology. Critical care being provided in critical care area such as coronary care unit, intensive care unit, respiratory care unit, or the emergency department.


Customer Reviews


Deepti Sehgal

I already had a few unfortunate experiences in the past where I had fallen sick abroad. I wanted an assurance and peace of mind on my trip to Oslo. Although I didn't fall sick this time but thanks to ICICI Lombard, I had assurance and peace of mind.


Sameer Maheshwari

I was travelling with my friends to Brussels, Belgium. We had finally managed to get tickets for Tomorrowland. The first day went amazingly well, but when we came back to our tents, we found that my friend and I are missing our luggage. Thanks to ICICI Lombard travel insurance, we received appreciable coverage.


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International Travel Insurance

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