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How to Carry Registration Papers Virtually With DigiLocker

As part of the Prime Minister's vision of Digital India, the government of India launched the DigiLocker app last year.

  • 25 Jan 2017
  • min read

As part of the Prime Minister's vision of Digital India, the government of India launched the DigiLocker app last year. The DigiLocker app, which is an online locker facility, allows you to upload and save all your government issued documents such as PAN card, aadhar card, driving license, property documents etc. online.

With the integration of driving license and registration papers of your vehicle with the DigiLocker app, you need not to carry the original documents with you always. The government is also planning to issue these documents directly on the digital platform, thereby avoiding excessive paperwork.

A Step Towards E-Governance
The law enforcement agencies and traffic police will be equipped with apps and devices for spot verification of your online documents. This initiative is a major step towards reducing corruption and red-tapism and a major boost to e-governance and government's idea of making a Digital India.

The DigiLocker app will bring agility and increase the efficiency of the entire process of issuance of driving license and registration certificate with the involvement of Information Technology (IT). The app currently has more than 4.2 million registered users, more than 6 million uploaded documents, and more than 1.6 billion issued documents.

Registration and Set-up
DigiLocker is an easy-to-use application with a user-friendly interface. With only a few simple steps, you are ready to go. Here's the simple process that will help you keep your license and registration papers with you, anytime and anywhere on the go.

Step1: Download the DigiLocker app from Play Store or App Store on your smartphone and open it after installation.

Step2: You will get two options, Sign In and Sign Up. If you are an existing user select Sign In to login with your existing credentials and if you are a new user select Sign Up to enter your details and register.

Step3: To sign up for the first time you need to enter your 10 digit mobile number after which a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile. Once verification is done, you can create a username and password for future login.

Step4:In the next step, you need to link your aadhar card to access the services of the app. Enter your 12-digit aadhar number and once again, an OTP will be sent for verification. Post verification you are ready to use the app to store your documents.

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App Interface and Working The DigiLocker app has a simple interface and you need not to be an expert to operate the app. On the top left corner, there is the menu bar to access options such as profile, upload documents, look for issued documents, scan QR code and logout. The top right corner on the other hand has options for quick upload of documents.

Although the app is in initial phase and will improve with updates as the time progresses. The desktop version of the app is also similar and is extremely easy to use. In the top left corner lies the dashboard to upload documents, check shared documents and list of issued documents and a magnified view of the same is available in the centre also. Download the app and register yourselves to make your life easy by avoiding the troubles of carrying original documents.

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