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Insurance Article

6 Things to Know While Transferring Car Insurance to Another State

February 06 2018

Are you moving to another city or are planning to? Then, this article is a must-read for you. From packing and logistics to lodging and food - the endless possibilities and challenges presented with relocation are exciting but troublesome too. One such issue that troubles many is figuring out what to do with their current car insurance when moving to another state.

The dilemma of whether your car insurance in a different state will remain valid or not is something that every car owner goes through. So, here are a few things you must know while transferring car insurance to another state for continuous motor insurance coverage:

  1. Update Contact Details With Insurer:

  2. The questions that come to mind while relocating are – ‘is car insurance state-specific’, ‘will my car insurance cover me in another state’ or ‘can I use my car insurance in another state’...?

    The answer to these important questions lies in ensuring that you intimate your car insurance provider on time and provide them with necessary documents to ensure uninterrupted coverage when shifting to a new location.

    Update your new address and telephone number with the insurance company. Also, make sure to meet every auto insurance requirements by state.

    This will keep you updated about your vehicle insurance policy, as the insurer will be able to communicate with you at your updated address. From coverage and renewal to no claim bonus and claim settlement, you will not miss out on any new information as your personal information is up to date.

  3. Confirm Network Garage Availability

  4. One of the primary benefits of availing car insurance is the vast list of network garages that offer cashless services in case of repairs. However, as most network garage lists are nationwide, it’s wise for you to check for these cashless garages in the city you are moving to.

    Check for the mode of payment when inquiring about network garages, i.e. cashless or claim-based. This will help you better use your car insurance in another state.

  5. Re-register ASAP

  6. It is vital for you to re-register your car with the local RTO (Regional Transport Office) in case of permanent or long-term relocation (12 months or more). Re-registration of a vehicle is mandatory and will provide you with a new car registration number that must be immediately updated with your car insurance provider.

    Before going for the re-registration of your car, make sure you’ve obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO of the city where your car was previously registered in. However, in case of a temporary relocation, a simple NOC from the current RTO to the new one will suffice.

  7. Explore New Insurers

  8. Here is the answer to a question that many would-be asking – can you have insurance from another state or can I insure a car in another state? In case your current car insurance is about to expire around the same time when you relocate, then yes you have the option to look for new insurance providers in the new city.

    Additionally, the new car insurance policy might offer additional benefits based on the regulations in the new city and car or auto insurance laws by state, thus help you save money.

    Furthermore, the digitisation of the insurance sector has made it easy to have car insurance from another state and that too in just a few minutes. Also, with no paperwork involved, getting your car insurance is a hassle-free process nowadays.

  9. Retain No Claim Bonus

  10. Against common misconception, the No-Claim-Bonus or NCB of your car insurance remains with you even when you move to a new city. If you have purchased a new car after relocation, the NCB from your previous car’s insurance will be transferred to the new one.

    Also, if you simply wish to opt for a new vehicle insurance provider after relocation, the NCB will be carried forward to your new four wheeler insurance policy. Either way, you will not lose your no-claim-bonus under any circumstances – if you haven’t claimed one in a policy year.

  11. Research Diligently for Excellent Coverage

  12. When relocating to a new city, it’s best to do extensive research on the insurance companies operating in that location.

    You never know, you might just find an insurance provider that offers you additional benefits which your current insurance provider does not. Opting for a comprehensive car insurance coverage need not be a pain for your wallet. Do your research and reap the benefits.

The aforementioned essential tips will ensure that you, your family and your car stay protected while you build a new life in a new city.

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