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Travel Insurance Information

Here’s Your Guide to Packing Smart And Not Just Light

September 08 2019

Packing scantily is not what you should be doing; rather, pack it smart. Make this brief guide your Bible, and you will not have to worry about packing too much (or too less) ever again.

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Tips to Plan the Perfect International Trip

August 06 2019

Travelling during the off-season, availing public transportation, using plastic money and opting for travel insurance is the recipe for a perfect international trip.

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Trip Called Off? Here's How You Can Cancel Your Travel Insurance Cover

January 05 2019

Plans getting cancelled last-minute? Cancel your travel insurance policy without any hassle!

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A Fan of Unplanned Foreign Trips? Don’t Forget to Pack Travel Insurance

December 16 2018

A travel insurance plan covers you against unforeseen situations like a medical emergency, loss of baggage or rescheduling of flights during your foreign trip, ensuring a worry-free trip.

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Travelling Aboard a Cruise Ship? These Tips will Keep You Safe

December 10 2018

Travelling aboard a luxury cruise? These tips will ensure smooth sailing and an memorable vacation.

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All Work and No Play Has Made Mumbai the Most Vacation Deprived City in the World

December 06 2018

Mumbai has been concluded as the most vacation deprived city due to its punishing work culture and fear of losing in the rat race.

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8,000+ Indians Die Abroad Every Year: How Travel Insurance Can Help

September 25 2018

Timely medical treatment can lead to reduction in deaths abroad

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Explore Asia: 4 Countries Close to Home You Must Visit

August 22 2018

A fusion of culture, technology and nature, Asian countries have a lot to offer

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Annual or Single Trip Insurance: What to Choose!

June 20 2018

Know the benefits of each, to make a well-informed decision

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Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

April 03 2018

These countries require tourists to have travel insurance. Most of them also specify that the travel policy come loaded with medical coverage as well

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