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Insurance Article

Car Insurance Renewal can be done in just a few minutes

December 11 2012

But, this gives rise to traffic and leads to accidents more often. Thus, it is of grave importance for every car owner-driver to make sure car insurance renewal is done in a timely manner.

According to the law every car should be insured with at least a cover for third party liability Failing to do so can result in the person being heavily fined if caught. This is because a cover for third party liability appropriately compensates in case there is death or permanent injury to another person as well as to their property by the insured vehicle. This relives you of having to worry about a sudden financial crisis that could heavily dent your budget

You can conveniently vehicle insurance renewal online policy with a car insurance company which offers the maximum benefits. You need not worry if this means you have to change your insurance provider as it is possible to transfer the no claim bonus as per the IRDA rules. So you can be assured of not losing the NCB if you have not made a claim in the previous year and wish to switch to another insurance company.

Also, it would help you to know that the NCB always increases with every consecutive year that you do not make a claim. There are times when break-in insurance happens and the policy lapses. Break-in occurs when a person fails to renew their policy on the set date resulting in a lapsed policy. This can be a cause of worry for some as they fear losing the NCB. But this is not the case when you plan to switch to another company.

Another benefit the right car insurance company offers you is that of doorstep surveyor facility. This facility is a great boon for those who can not take their cars to the nearest insurance office for an inspection in case of break-in. The insurance company will send a representative to the address given to do the inspection for you.

Also, if you plan on doing the renewal online, then you could do it as per your convenience. This is possible since a renewal can be done prior to the expiration date of the policy so you have plenty of time in hand.

Therefore, car insurance renewal can be quick and hassle-free with the right insurance company.

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