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Insurance Article

How online insurance safeguards your prized motor vehicle

September 17 2012

With the convenience of online insurance, you can easily insure your automobile and stay cushioned against unforeseen events.

Automobiles today have made commuting easier and enjoyable but are not free from road risk.Motor insurance has been made mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act to achieve better standards of road safety. A motor insurance offers peace of mind to you, passengers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians. It is able to do this as the financial and legal liability of various the risks encountered while driving are dealt with by the insurance company. You can easily keep enjoying the facilities of a motor insurance by purchasing online insurance and renewing it online so that your risk in these situations is greatly reduced.

A comprehensive motor insurance offers cover for loss or damage to your motor vehicle that arise from natural calamities like fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, storm, cyclone, landslide among many others. This feature of the motor insurance helps you cope and substantially reduce the financial loss due to unplanned expenses for repairing the damage.

A prime feature of this comprehensive motor insurance policy is the personal accident cover. With this feature, an individual owner gets coverage for mishaps or accidents that may occur during road travel. You can also extend this cover to ensure protection of your co-passengers who are likely to suffer from injuries during accidents. This cover allows you to avail of medical treatment as specified in the policy document.

This insurance also offers cover for damage to public or people’s property, thus preventing large dent in your pocket. Along with these benefits, you can avail of cashless claim from a network of over 2700 garages spread across the country. With this feature you can easily locate the closest garage included in this network and have your motor vehicle repaired by paying a small amount as specified by your insurance policy.

You can easily buy motor insurance online which instantly reduces paperwork. A few clicks are required with this online insurance that offers an instant policy and maintains a soft copy of your insurance policy. This soft copy can be accessed from any computing device and reduces the chances of damage to this important document. Thus, you can easily safeguard your pocket against the risks associated with driving your vehicle.

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