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Fine for Red Light Signal Jumping

Explore the legal repercussions of jumping a red light signal in India, as outlined by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

  • 21 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Traffic rules are designed to ensure vehicles' and pedestrians' safety and smooth flow. They are meant to prevent accidents, chaos, and confusion resulting from violating the basic principles of road discipline.


However, only some follow the traffic rules diligently. Some people ignore or break them for various reasons, such as being in a hurry, careless, or unaware of the consequences. Two of the most common traffic violations many drivers commit are not having car insurance or jumping a red light signal.


A red light signal indicates that the traffic from a particular direction must stop and wait until the signal turns green. This allows the traffic from the other direction to move freely and safely. Jumping a red light signal means crossing the intersection when the signal is still red, without regard for the traffic from the other direction. This can cause serious collisions, injuries, and fatalities, disrupt the traffic flow and create congestion.


Jumping a red light signal is not only dangerous but also illegal. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, amended in 2019, jumping red signal fine can be severe. Moreover, the traffic police can also seize the offender's driving license and suspend it for a minimum of three months. The fine and penalty may vary from state to state, depending on their respective laws and regulations.


Fine for Jumping a Red Light Signal in Different State


The following table shows a red light signal jump fine in different states in India. 





Rs 200


Rs 500

West Bengal

Rs 100

Uttar Pradesh

Rs 300-Rs 500


Rs 500


Rs 1000


Rs 500-Rs 1000

Andhra Pradesh

Rs 1000


Rs 5000

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Jumping a red light signal is not worth risking your and others' lives. It is also not worth paying a hefty fine and losing your driver's license. Therefore, following the traffic rules and respecting the red light signal is advisable. It is a simple way to ensure your safety and convenience on the road.

Remember that a red light signal means stop and wait until it turns green. It is not an invitation to speed up and cross the intersection recklessly. By following this rule, you can avoid unnecessary trouble and contribute to making the roads safer and better for everyone.

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