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Is Car Insurance Free When Buying From A Dealer?

Discover the truth behind dealership-offered car insurance and its impact on buyers. Learn about hidden costs, commissions, limited options, and transparency concerns associated with dealership insurance arrangements.

  • 07 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

You should consider some factors beforehand when buying a car from a dealership, such as the option of getting insurance through the dealership. A common question that arises is whether insurance for dealerships is free, and this is passed on to the buyer. This article delves into the dynamics of car insurance in dealership transactions and sheds light on whether it comes at zero cost or if certain implications are involved.

Is car insurance complimentary from dealers?

Dealerships often offer to arrange insurance coverage for a purchased vehicle. Such offers create the impression that insurance coverage may be a service. However, it's crucial to understand how this apparent dealer insurance mechanism works. Typically, car dealers collaborate with insurance providers on a commission basis. The dealer may assist in facilitating the insurance process, but the customer eventually bears the insurance costs.

There are some considerations regarding premiums associated with insurance when buying a car from a dealer.

  1. Impact of Commissions: Dealerships earn commissions for selling four-wheeler insurance policies. These commissions are included in the premium cost. As a result, customers may end up paying higher premiums compared to purchasing insurance through other channels.
  1. Limited Options: Insurance options provided by dealerships or dealer insurance may be restricted to specific providers or plans, potentially limiting customers' ability to explore a broader range of coverage options and prices.
  1. Transparency Concerns: When it comes to arranging insurance for your purchased vehicle, there are some concerns regarding transparency when going through a dealership. Unlike directly dealing with an insurance provider, customers may not be provided with a proper explanation of how the costs are broken down. 

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To sum up, while car insurance dealers can help with the process of getting insurance for your car, it's important to be aware that it's not usually free. The premiums you pay can include commissions for the dealership. Instead, you may find affordable and transparent options by exploring insurance plans independently.

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