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Is Third-Party Insurance Enough For Your Car?

Delve into the realm of car insurance to determine if relying solely on third-party coverage suffices or if supplementary protection is essential for your vehicle.

  • 17 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

You might have heard of third-party insurance, often known as an "act-only cover." This type of liability insurance is mandatory to drive on Indian roads. It protects vehicle owners like you against claims from third parties. It's designed to cover any financial losses experienced by third parties in case of an accident. Remember, when you get a new vehicle, getting third-party insurance is a legal requirement. The Motor Vehicles Act makes it clear that driving an uninsured vehicle could result in penalties, such as fines and even a possible three-month prison sentence. Now, you might wonder: Is third-party insurance enough for a car? Let’s look into the question.


Why having only third-party car insurance may not be enough?

To answer your query, “Is third-party insurance enough for a car”, let's look into the popular reasons why depending solely on this insurance might not give you the coverage you truly need.

  • It is crucial to realise that a third-party liability insurance policy doesn't stretch its coverage to your own vehicle. So, while you're fulfilling the legal requirements, your car remains vulnerable to any harm it might encounter. Imagine your car skidding and hitting a tree – your insurance won't assist with repair costs. The same goes for instances like theft, natural disasters, or accidents caused by human factors – these won't be covered either.
  • A third-party liability policy does not come bundled with a personal accident cover for you as the owner/driver. This is a mandatory cover which you need to buy separately. This is compulsory because but if you unfortunately suffer injuries while driving, the claim amount might not sufficiently cover your medical expenses, leaving you with substantial out-of-pocket bills.
  • With only a third-party liability car insurance policy, you miss out on the option to enhance your coverage through add-ons. These add-ons, available with ‘on damage’ car insurance, are pivotal in expanding your car insurance protection. For instance, if you want to extend coverage to your fellow passengers, you'd require a passenger cover add-on. Similarly, if you're seeking more comprehensive protection, an engine protection add-on would be essential.

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Now, let's shift our focus to the suggested alternative. A comprehensive car insurance policy emerges as a pragmatic solution, addressing the shortcomings of relying solely on third-party liability coverage. It fulfils the legal obligations of third-party liability insurance but also widens the protective umbrella, with own damage cover + personal accident cover.


To sum up, as you weigh the option of third-party liability car insurance, it's crucial to grasp its limitations. While it does cover claims from third parties, it doesn't safeguard your own vehicle. Despite meeting legal mandates, your car remains susceptible to various potential harms, such as collisions, theft or natural disasters. The absence of add-ons limits your ability to customize the policy, unlike comprehensive car insurance, which provides all-encompassing protection and coverage flexibility.

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